The remote environment is the distraction environment

How do you get and then keep the customer’s attention? How do you avoid the ‘black box dance’ of everyone off camera, on mute, not listening or engaging with the discussion? There are far too many ways in which our message, our ability to be memorable, our ability to persuade and our ability to successfully sell are challenged remotely. We work with sales organizations around the world to understand why and how to be more impactful, more engaging and more influential in our sales conversations with our customers.

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  • Communication Skills For A Hybrid World of Work
  • Being More Persuasive
  • Driving Our Priorities Within The Business
  • Engaging Our Teams To Deliver Performance
  • Persuading The Business To Support Our Ideas
  • Delivering More Impact In Remote Customer Meetings

Meet The Global Faculty

Our faculty are based all over the world, and as a global team, they gloriously combine a breadth of commercial backgrounds with depth in leadership experience and superb coaching and facilitation skills. You are invited to explore their expertise in more detail

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Thanks once again for another set of life changing tools today ?

– Account Manager, Life Sciences, South America

It was a pleasure working with you and I have learned a great deal. What has been particularly rewarding is seeing tangible results. That marks you out from a large crowd of all too easy to forget soft skills trainers and coaches

– Partner, Global Law Firm

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