All businesses are challenged to make hybrid working do just that: work

As the world starts to return to the office, and we all explore how to move forward amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic, engaging our colleagues, developing our teams, retaining our talent, finding, keeping and strengthening the relationships with our customers to deliver results has never been harder.

And now we need to achieve all of this in a brand-new world: the hybrid working world. Being influential was hard enough when we were all in the same room. It became harder when we all started working remotely. Now we need to succeed with both, at the same time. Influencing in this new, hybrid world, means flexing our style, learning new skills, being even more flexible if we are to demonstrate leadership. In a hybrid world, how do we really and truly connect with others to change them, galvanize them, persuade them to support our recommendations, align with our strategy, give us the resources we need and deliver more as a result? We help our clients to turbocharge their communication strategies and skills to succeed.

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  • Communication Skills For A Hybrid World of Work
  • Being More Persuasive
  • Driving Our Priorities Within The Business
  • Engaging Our Teams To Deliver Performance
  • Persuading The Business To Support Our Ideas
  • Delivering More Impact In Remote Customer Meetings

What We Help With

We help leaders develop the communication skills needed to influence, engage and inspire their teams, their colleagues and their customers.

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Communication Skills For a Hybrid World Of Work

Our expertise has been built up over 25 years of working in sales, leadership, and learning and development roles within a wide variety of organizations and industries.

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Driving Our Priorities Within The Business

Have you ever had the experience of a colleague saying to you that they cannot help or support your efforts because of ‘competing priorities’?  We work in fast paced, matrixed, performance led, global businesses with dotted lines, remote teams, different cultures and – as a result – competing priorities.

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Engaging Our Teams To Deliver Performance

It’s never been harder to engage our talent.  Brilliant people are hard to find, difficult to recruit, and essential to engage continually otherwise, we’ll lose them.

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Persuading The Business To Support Our Ideas

Having a great idea for our business doesn’t make it happen.  There’s an ocean of activity between ‘I’ve got a great idea!’ and the reality of the idea being deployed and adopted widely within the company.

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Delivering More Impact In Remote Customer Meetings

The remote environment is the distraction environment.  How do you get and then keep the customer’s attention?

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Meet The Global Faculty

Our faculty are based all over the world, and as a global team, they gloriously combine a breadth of commercial backgrounds with depth in leadership experience and superb coaching and facilitation skills. You are invited to explore their skills in more detail

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Thank you so much for running such a brilliant and engaging session. Feedback from the team was fantastic and my team put it into action that very same day

– Senior Director of Marketing, Digital Media, EMEA

You are just brilliant and I love learning from your courses. You are on the top of my list for professional development resources. I hope we can do more in the future!

– Senior Commercial Leader, Pharmaceutical Diagnostics, USCAN

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