Sarah Brummitt

Sarah started her own business in 2005.  As a highly qualified Executive Coach, leadership development facilitator, award winning Personal Branding expert, keynote speaker and published author, Sarah has worked with over 15,000 professional men and women across more than 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and also the USCAN and APAC regions.  Sarah works with her clients in a variety of ways including 1:1 coaching, leadership development workshops and as a sought-after keynote speaker.  Her business is now global, and she works with a team of spectacular faculty around the world to support deliver her content, including in local languages.

Sarah has written 3 books in the areas of personal branding, executive presence and remote presence.  Her expertise in leadership, coaching high impact communication, storytelling and persuasion means that she creates solutions based in a relevant commercial context, with the objective of helping others to strengthen client relationships, improve employee engagement and drive far more persuasive, collaborative relationships.

Sarah’s belief is that as our career evolves, the critical skills to develop are those of exquisite influence and in a fast paced, digitally disruptive, attention deficit economy, these skills are the critical differentiator to professional growth and success in business today.